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Christina Catanese works across the disciplines of dance, education, environmental science, and arts administration to inspire curiosity, empathy, and connection through creative encounters with nature.


As an artist, she has participated in residencies at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Signal Fire, Works on Water, and SciArt Center, and has presented her work throughout Philadelphia and the region. In six years as the Director of Environmental Art at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, Christina oversaw all aspects of creating and implementing an environmental art exhibition program in the nature center’s 340 acres of forests, fields, and gallery spaces. Attending University of Pennsylvania, she has a Masters in Applied Geosciences and a BA in Environmental Studies and Political Science. Christina also knits feverishly, gardens novicely, and enjoys photographing ecology in wild places.

Christina is recently based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, after living in Philadelphia for 15 years, and growing up in Pittsburgh.

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